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Making Sure Your Items Arrive in Perfect Condition with Cornwall Couriers Packaging Advice

Hello to all of Cornwall Couriers cherished clients! Our top goal when it comes to courier services is to make sure that your things are well-protected and arrive in brand-new condition. The basis for a secure delivery, whether you're shipping locally, nationally, or even internationally, is how an item is wrapped.

In addition to providing the greatest same day courier services, Cornwall Couriers is proud of its expert packing service. For those who choose a do it yourself strategy, we've produced a list of excellent packaging suggestions to ensure your goods arrive at their destination undamaged.

1. Select the Correct Box Size

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Your things might shift about during transport if the box is too big, while a box that is too tiny might not offer enough padding. Make sure your box has two inches or more of cushioning space on all sides.

Items in Double Boxes That Are Fragile

Consider packing fragile items first in a smaller box, then putting that box inside a larger one with padding in between if you're shipping something.

3. Use foam peanuts or bubble wrap

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Your things should be bubble wrapped or surrounded by foam peanuts for maximum protection. Make sure there are no open areas that could be used for mobility.

4. Seal every edge

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Seal the box's seams and flaps with sturdy packing tape. This will stop any dust or water from getting in and will also stop the box from opening up suddenly while in transportation.

5. Label everything

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Include the recipient's address in a legible and unambiguous manner. Include any pertinent customs details if you're exporting internationally. If the external label is damaged, placing a second label inside the box can serve as a useful fallback.

6. Perform a Shake Test

Give your box a light shake once it has been filled and sealed. Add more padding if you hear or feel any movement.

7. Use fragile stickers

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Using Fragile stickers will alert handlers to be cautious if your box contains breakable items. But keep in mind that this isn't a replacement for quality packaging.

8. Prevent Overloading

Despite the temptation to put as much as you can in one box, overloading the box increases the likelihood of damage and erodes the box's structural integrity.

9. Keep Things Dry

Consider including a silica gel pack or bagging any items (such as electronics or documents) that could be harmed by moisture.

10. If in doubt, seek professional assistance.

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Use our expert packaging service at Cornwall Couriers if you're unsure of how to box something, especially precious or oddly shaped products. Our staff has the knowledge to guarantee that your things are packaged properly and securely.


The significance of appropriate packaging cannot be stressed, whether you are delivering a present to a close friend or relative, important business documents, or any other expensive products. To guarantee that your packages always arrive in pristine condition, either follow these recommendations or rely on our expert packaging service. Keep in mind that safety of your items is our first priority at Cornwall Couriers! Good shipping to everyone!

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