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Cornwall Couriers Ltd. utilising cutting-edge technology to deliver unmatched services that are both dependable and efficient. We are able to offer a flawless experience to both our clients and our delivery network because to our investment in cutting-edge tools and systems. Here is some information on some of the main technologies we employ:

Transport Management System EasyTrans
The EasyTrans transport management system helps us organise and organise every aspect of our business. We can manage reservations, scheduling, tracking, and reporting in real-time thanks to this clever software solution. EasyTrans guarantees that your packages are handled with the utmost care and effectiveness from booking to delivery.

Our website was created using the Wix platform, a leading application renowned for its powerful and intuitive user interface. We can now offer our customers a simple and intuitive online booking experience thanks to Wix, making it quick and simple to place an order.

System for Fleet Management with Radius Velocity
Because fleet management is so important to our business, we put our trust in Radius Velocity. We are able to manage, track, and maintain our fleet of vehicles thanks to this sophisticated technology. We can minimise downtime, use less fuel, and make sure your cargo is delivered using the quickest, most effective route feasible with the help of thorough analytics and data.

Payments is a reliable and secure payment service provider that offers a wide range of payment methods for businesses all sizes. With Mollie, you can easily accept payments from customers all over the world, without any hassle. Their user-friendly platform and competitive pricing make them a popular choice among businesses. Sign up today and start accepting payments with ease!

We use OpenAI to improve our customer support and logistics planning in an effort to stay one step ahead of the curve. We can estimate demand, optimise routes, and offer immediate help using AI-driven algorithms, which makes our same-day delivery service more intelligent and responsive.

Courier Exchange
We can increase our capacity and reach because we are a part of the Courier Exchange network. We make sure that no delivery is too big or too far by collaborating with other courier services and independent drivers. Our partnership with Courier Exchange ensures that we have the tools to meet your demands, whether it is a last-minute local delivery or an urgent international package.

A Focus on Innovation
Technology is not simply a tool; it is a crucial component of Cornwall Couriers Ltd's dedication to providing first-rate courier services. We stay on top of the game by consistently investing in new technology and working with sector leaders, ensuring that our same-day courier service is always one step ahead.

Want a delivery of a package today? Count on Cornwall Couriers Ltd to deliver it.

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